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Augmented Reality Room

In the Augmented Reality supported photography exhibition, which includes frames from the well-known films of Turkish cinema, you can see that the tablets in the museum and the movie scenes in the frames come to life. On the model of the Grand Bazaar, the spatial animations of local and foreign films shot in this historical place with Augmented Reality and the sections of the films are waiting for the visitors to be discovered.
Çapa 1
Watch movie scenes with augmented reality technology from photos on the wall or the model of the historical Grand Bazaar.
You can watch the scenes by holding the tablet towards the posters on the pillars.
By touching the yellow information points you see on the map, you can reach the historical information and the different names of the venues where films are shown at different points in Istanbul.
By reading the QR codes on the screens, you can reach the location where the movie was shot with your preferred navigation application.
By approaching the square code on the edge of the Grand Bazaar model, you can make the virtual model appear.
You can access the information of the movie by touching the characters that roam on the virtual model.

Application Properties

Augmented reality

Document, video and photo archives

Touch screen

Site-specific unit and interface design

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