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Çukurova Biodiversity Introduction Center

Discover the unique riches of nature with digital experiences inspired by Adana's fascinating natural diversity.

Digital Aquariums

The underwater life of the region was revived in digital aquariums reflecting three different ecosystems.


By selecting from the touch screens, you can observe the marine creatures in the aquarium and get detailed information about them.

Uçuş Simülasyonu

Adana'nın eşsiz ekosistemlerinden Yumurtalık Lagünü ve Aladağlar üzerinde bir kuş olarak uçabilir, bölgedeki bitkileri keşfedebilirsiniz.

Fly by flapping your wings like cranes, flamingoes and birds of prey with the body motion camera in the application designed using real references from Yumurtalık National Park and Aladağlar National Park.

Animals Come to Life AR Application

The creatures in the museum come to life thanks to augmented reality and offer visitors an enjoyable experience to explore the creatures via tablets.

Reptiles Floor Projection Mapping

Digital Pool Projection Mapping

In the application developed with projection mapping technology, visitors discover the reptiles and insects found in the Adana Aladağlar region.

With projection mapping technology, the digital pool containing various fish species found in Adana Yumurtalık region adds movement to the museum and offers an attractive experience.

Interactive Forest

A magical digital forest experience where the creatures introduced in the museum coexist.

Plant Growing Kiosks

In the plant growing zone designed with three different units, giant-scale seed models come to life by growing in line with the visitors' choices. In this way, visitors can have a fun time discovering which plant the seeds will turn into.


Informative Digital Games

Plant growth game with hand sensors, ecosystem balance game and dinosaur anatomy area offer the opportunity to explore nature in a fun way with touch interactive games for both older and younger children.

Mountain Goat VR

In this virtual reality application, which offers the experience of wandering around the peaks of the Aladağ Mountains through the eyes of a mountain goat, visitors are taken on an exciting journey where they encounter various endemic plants and animals.

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