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Memory Pool

While bringing together the Turkish cinema archive, which is included in the digital memory pool, which is used for the first time in a cinema museum in the world, with the users interactively, it also enables them to do research in a large information pool without the need for any search.
Çapa 1
In this interactive application, the contents of the movie archive created by Turkish Cinema Studies (TSA) meet with the visitors with an interesting experience.
In the digital memory pool application, there are 8 thousand 406 films, 31 thousand 106 actors, directors, screenwriters, producers and cinema workers.
This digital movie archive offers users an interactive service to search for their curiosity about Turkish cinema.
Like other interactive applications in the Istanbul Cinema Museum, the Memory Pool, whose interface and software we have made, allows us to explore as an interactive search engine.

Application Properties

Updatable content

Director, actor, genre, year based search engine

Large scale touch table with 6 screens

Touch screen

Special interface design that enables intuitive exploration

Site-specific unit and interface design

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